Microbiotic Composting

Though we like to think our guests lick the plates clean every time, there are occasionally unfinished portions that make it back to the kitchen. For instance, the squab bones, dover sole skeletons and the T-bones in our steaks need to be discarded somehow.

Garbage bags are not Highlawn Pavilion’s answer to this waste management issue. Instead, organic waste, be it unfinished wedding cake or escargot shells, are put into one of two large composting devices where it gets broken down via the combined efforts of a stainless steel rotor and living microorganisms that feed on the waste. After twenty-four hours of spinning and eating, the organic waste is transformed into a natural byproduct – H20. Water. Which is State certified safe for disposal via the public sewer system.

Few restaurants go this far to be efficient. As a result, we rarely pay a third-party waste removal business to cart away our organic waste, something most restaurants our size would need to do several times a week. Additionally, we save a lot on garbage bags at the same time giving the overloaded landfills a break.


— The New York Times

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