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Creating A Memorable Wedding Video

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Wedding VideographyWhile pictures are an essential part of weddings, nothing truly captures the spirit of a wedding day better than a video. Videos can bring photographs to life and capture everything from the tear-jerking vows to the bride’s parents busting a move on the dance floor. After the day that has been meticulously planned out for months flies by in seconds, a wedding video can recreate the scene to be watched over and over again. The wedding planners at The Manor have put together some guidelines to ensure the wedding video fully captures a couple’s special day.
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Choosing a Wedding Videographer

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Wedding Video

How to Choose the Right Videographer

Not all couples hire a videographer to cover their wedding day, opting instead to focus their wedding budget on their wedding photographer, wedding flowers, wedding cake, and wedding reception site amenities. That said, with the ever increasing production value of wedding videos, helped by the reduced cost of quality equipment and editing tools, combined with the popularity of video sharing across social media, the importance couples place on having a video record of their wedding day is as popular as ever. Most brides that have chosen not to hire a videographer for the wedding admit to regretting it afterwards. Read more…

HD Video for your wedding

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By Paul Keenan, Banquet Manager, Highlawn Pavilion

High-quality “HD” or high-definition videos are all the rage for capturing many of today’s wedding ceremonies and receptions. The better the quality, the more easily viewed the video will be when you post it on YouTube and Facebook. HD video will also last longer and stay “up-to-date” for more years than the alternative video technologies. Another benefit of state-of-the-art video equipment is that they can record well even in low light situations, so the videographer doesn’t need to set up lights, which can be intrusive and time consuming to set up. The downside is that HD videography costs more than a standard formats – after all, the equipment costs more. But the cost differential should come to a plateau as all videographers will be using this technology in the near future.

If you’re considering having your wedding ceremony or your wedding reception professionally recorded on video, consult the staff at the venue for recommendations. Here at Highlawn Pavilion, for example, we have a rolodex of qualified videographers. They’re all very good, but some might be more suited to a particular size or kind of wedding ceremony than another videographer might be.

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