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Wedding Seating Chart Trends

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Trends for your Wedding Seating Chart
Wedding couples often struggle to create their reception seating chart. Many wedding surveys report that this is one of the most stressful wedding planning tasks, since so many people’s feelings and requests have to be taken into account, other people’s relationships factor into your big day (such as seating exes far apart,) and making sure that divorced parents are seated comfortably if one or both take a date to your wedding. The ‘family issues’ and diplomacy angle of creating a seating chart also joins up with the desire to make sure that groups of friends and family members can sit together and enjoy themselves more.

The question of ‘how do I make a wedding seating chart?’ gets solved much more easily due to the trend of planning your ballroom layout with different sizes of tables, such as some 14-seaters and some 8-seaters. There’s no rule saying that all of your guest tables have to be the same size, and in fact, it’s far more on-trend to have different sizes, shapes and even heights of guest tables at a wedding. Read more…

Ways to Make Cutting Your Wedding Cake a Special Moment

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Ways to Make Cutting Your Wedding Cake a Special Moment(1)It’s the big moment at a wedding – the cutting of the cake.

With weddings being so personalized now, and so many top wedding traditions given modern spins, it’s only natural that the cake-cutting ritual also gets a personalized and modern spin. This is a moment, after all, when every guest in your wedding ballroom is looking at the two of you, ready to cut your beautiful wedding cake and feed the first bites to one another Read more…

Specialty Cocktails to go with your Wedding Theme

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SpecialtyCocktailToGoWithYourWeddingThemeYou’ve planned your wedding theme to reflect your favorite style or season, and in addition to planning themed wedding décor throughout your wedding venue, it’s now a big trend to reflect your theme in your signature wedding cocktails. Read more…

Most Popular Wedding Songs for Your First Dance 2014

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Most Popular Wedding Songs for Your First Dance 2014No dance will ever be as special or as important to your love story as the song you choose for your First Dance at your wedding. It’s sure to be meaningful, perhaps the first song you ever slow-danced to together during your earliest dating days, and the lyrics share with your wedding guests a very special message about what makes your love so strong.

Each year, wedding entertainers blog about the most popular wedding songs for the current year, and when you see those lists, you may be inspired to choose from among them…or, you might be an independent, alternative wedding couple who likes to depart from any ‘most popular’ list to choose a completely unexpected and original song for your First Dance. Read more…

Advantages of Evening Weddings

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When you first start looking for the best wedding venue in NJ, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is: ‘will you have a daytime or evening wedding?’ In addition to availabilities and price, there are important factors regarding the look and feel of your wedding to consider:

To help you make your decision, we share some of the top advantages of evening weddings: Read more…

When to Cut the Wedding Cake During Your Reception

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For many years, weddings held in the top event venues stuck to a well-worn timeline, including the plan to stop the dancing music abruptly when it was time to wheel out the wedding cake. Guests cleared the dance floor and encircled the bride and groom for the cake-cutting ritual, and after the wedding couple exchanged bites of cake – or smashed cake in each other’s faces – the deejay or wedding band began the music again, hoping to regain and surpass the Fun Factor momentum he or she had built at the reception. The interruption in the dancing hours of the night very often brought the celebration to a screeching halt, the energy level plummeted, the dance floor never filled back up again, and guests began departing early…thinking that cutting the cake was a signal saying ‘this party is over.’ Read more…

Tips to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

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DJ V Band as a Wedding Performer

Ways to make your wedding guests feel welcome at your reception

As a popular NJ wedding reception location, we’ve hosted countless couples and their guests. We’ve helped to create everything from elegant, intimate and sedate wedding celebrations to the most raucous and energetic roof raising parties.  But regardless of whether you’d like your wedding reception to be more refined or an all-out party, we’ve found that across-the-board, the best wedding receptions and those that are the most fondly remembered after the day have been those that engage and involve as many of the guests in attendance as possible.  When you can create a shared experience and a sense of participation, along with giving each guest the feeling that they were truly welcomed as part of the celebration, your wedding will leave an extra-special impression with everyone who attends—even those that you might think are a bit harder to please. Read more…

Wedding Guests with Special Dietary Needs

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Special Dietary Needs

Wedding Menu

When thinking about your wedding menu – for your cocktail party, your wedding reception dinner, and your wedding cake and desserts, be sure to keep in mind your guests’ special dietary requirements.

It’s now become far more prevalent for our New Jersey and New York City wedding couples to customize their wedding catering choices with a large selection of food items that their gluten-free and vegetarian guests can enjoy. Brides and grooms have read horror stories on wedding websites, wedding blogs and wedding message boards about weddings at which dietary-restricted guests could only pick on a small number of foods. They certainly don’t want that for their own wedding guests, nor do we. Read more…

Making a Grand Entrance

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Being Introduced Into the Room

Being Introduced Into the Room

Making an unforgettable entrance to your wedding reception is now a top trend. While there are some couples who happily embrace the traditional method – the emcee announces each bridal party member, parent and the couple by name, and everyone cheers as these honored people walk into the room – many of our New Jersey and New York City wedding couples ask for a more creative Grand Entrance.

Here are the top new trends for making your entrance into your wedding reception venue:

  • The deejay or band plays an upbeat song for the bridal party’s introductions, at which point the couples dance their way into the room. When it’s the parents’ turn to be announced, the music switches to a different, upbeat song chosen just for them. The wedding couple then gets a different song. (Our favorite New Jersey wedding deejays and bands can provide you with lists of song ideas.) Read more…

Wedding Favors: Edibles

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A great many of our New Jersey wedding couples have gone back to the tradition of offering wonderful wedding favors for their guests to take home as they leave our wedding reception venue. (In the past few years, some couples chose to skip the favors as a way to save money, but thoughtful take-home favors are now back on the Must list!) What the couples choose to give as wedding favors has evolved from those tiny photo frames and wine glasses embossed with the bride and groom’s name to a new trend that makes guests much happier – edible gourmet treats.

Your wedding reception lasts several hours, and the wedding cake and desserts may have been served an hour or two before the close of your celebration. So when guests find that their wedding favors are delicious frosted brownies or theme-decorated cupcakes, they very often treat themselves to these treats before they even leave your reception! That’s the mark of a great edible wedding favor. Guests can’t wait to enjoy them.

Here are some of the most popular edible wedding favors that we’ve seen, and made, for our New Jersey wedding couple’s take-home treats:
  • Frosted brownies
  • Frosted cookies, in heart-shapes or cut into wedding theme shapes like a bride’s dress or a wedding dove
  • Chocolate-chip cookies
  • White macadamia nut cookies
  • Gourmet truffles
  • Theme-shape chocolates, such as hearts or butterflies
  • Pastel sugar-covered Jordan almonds (a traditional, symbolic favorite of our New Jersey wedding couples!)
  • Gourmet flavored wedding cupcakes
  • Hazelnut cream-filled cookies
  • Personalized candies, such as M&Ms sporting the initials or names of the bride and groom
  • Wedding color-matched jelly beans
  • Chocolate bark
  • Fudge squares in a variety of flavors
  • Seasonal-matched wedding favor treats, such as maple brownies for a fall wedding
  • Baggies of gourmet-flavored popcorn or kettlecorn, the couple’s favorite snack
  • And more…

Presentation is key for wedding favors, so package each edible treat in its own ribbon-tied box or cellophane baggie, and affix a thank-you message label right to the package, expressing your gratitude that guests came to share your day with you.

All the best, Caitlyn Bradley, Director of Private Dining, Ram’s Head Inn

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