Guide to The Bridal Party

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Bridal PartyIt is a great honor to be in the Wedding Party. Those closest to the couple are able to feel special and distinct, and are able to help with the big day. There are, of course, many big decisions that couples must make in regards to the wedding party. The wedding experts at The Manor have put together a few tips to help couples with wedding party decisions: from selecting the lucky few to asking them the big question, the wedding planners at The Manor share some tips.
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Including Tweens In Your Wedding Party

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Tweens In Your Wedding Having young teenagers (or tweens) in your wedding is very exciting for the junior members, but can become challenging for brides and grooms alike. It can be particularly difficult to exclude eleven through sixteen-year-old if they are close family members or the child of an important friend. Certain couples may feel tweens may lack the maturity necessary to fulfill the role of the bridal party, but that children are too old to be a traditional ring bearer or flower girl.

Wedding planners at The Manor can include youngsters into your wedding to make for the most memorable, enthusiastic and energized attendees. By entrusting preteens with unique roles, couples give them a chance to help you shine in the center spotlight.
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Wedding Tips and Trends: Dressing For A Winter Wedding

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Having a winter wedding doesn’t have to leave style out in the cold! Whether you are the bride, part of the wedding party or a guest, it’s essential to know how to dress for a winter wedding. The Manor has stitched up top style trends and favorite fashion garments for our readers that will warm your wedding party and guests and ensure they will never utter the famous lyrics; “Baby it’s cold outside”.

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Be My Bridesmaid

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Your sisters, friends and cousins will certainly be thrilled to hear you say, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” It’s a very big moment for the ladies who are asked, since being invited into a bridal party circle is a great honor, a sign of great admiration, one of the biggest thrills that you can share with each other.

In today’s world of wedding planning, especially in our northern New Jersey region and in the surrounding counties of our tri-state area, brides are taking extra steps to make this invitation even more special to their future bridesmaids. Here are some of the creative ways that brides are planning unique ways to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

  • Send your bridesmaids flowers at their homes or offices, with a hand-written note from you (if possible, since long-distance flower-sends will produce computer-printed notes) asking the big question.
  • Send your bridesmaids chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolates from one of our award-winning NJ chocolatiers, with a note inviting the bridesmaid to make the bridal party a sweeter circle of friends with her involvement.
  • Send a voice-recording greeting card, especially to a far-away friend, so that she can receive an indulgent gift and your voice-added greeting card inviting her to the bridal party circle…and serves as a keepsake of your relationship and this big moment.
  • Send your bridesmaid a stuffed bear, outfitted to look like a bridesmaid, with a hidden voice player that you’ve used to record your invitation message.
  • Schedule a Skype meeting with your friend so that you can ask her in a high-tech way.
  • Buy each of your ladies a bridesmaid guidebook or a New Jersey wedding magazine and send them to your bridesmaids with a personal note from you, inviting them into your bridal party group.
  • Invite your bridesmaids to a VIP dinner party, cocktail party, a fine dining restaurant or your favorite gourmet cuisine spot, or simply out for cocktails at your favorite cocktail bar or family restaurant as a celebratory get-together where you ask the big question, then clink cocktail glasses for the first time as bride and her bridesmaids.


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