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Best of Wedding Seating

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Best of Wedding Seating
If there is one daunting task every couple must take on, it’s probably deciding the seating arrangement for their wedding. Fear not, we can help to ensure your seating chart will look less like a rubix cube and fit together more easily like a kids’ puzzle. From the types of elegant seating for your ceremony, to determining where or where not to seat guests at your reception, Manor blog readers, our Best of- Wedding Seating, you’ll want to read comfortably sitting down, with your feet up.
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Kids’ Table Tips

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If your answer to “Should we allow guest to bring their kids to our wedding?” is Yes, you’ll then have to answer the question of where to seat kids at the wedding. Making a wedding seating chart is often a challenge, so it’s important to decide on your seating plan for kids at a wedding.

We have some tips to help you out:
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Wedding Seating Chart Trends

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Trends for your Wedding Seating Chart
Wedding couples often struggle to create their reception seating chart. Many wedding surveys report that this is one of the most stressful wedding planning tasks, since so many people’s feelings and requests have to be taken into account, other people’s relationships factor into your big day (such as seating exes far apart,) and making sure that divorced parents are seated comfortably if one or both take a date to your wedding. The ‘family issues’ and diplomacy angle of creating a seating chart also joins up with the desire to make sure that groups of friends and family members can sit together and enjoy themselves more.

The question of ‘how do I make a wedding seating chart?’ gets solved much more easily due to the trend of planning your ballroom layout with different sizes of tables, such as some 14-seaters and some 8-seaters. There’s no rule saying that all of your guest tables have to be the same size, and in fact, it’s far more on-trend to have different sizes, shapes and even heights of guest tables at a wedding. Read more…

How to Organize your Wedding Guest Seating Arrangements

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How to Organize your Wedding Guest Seating ArrangementsCreating a wedding seating chart causes many couples a great deal of wedding stress. You’ll want your guests to have a great time at their tables and enjoy the company of the people they’re sitting with, you’ll Want your guests to be comfortable and have easy access to the buffet, bar, and dance floor, and – this is where wedding stress often arises – you may have to tackle some tricky family dynamics such as seating divorced parents and keeping feuding relatives apart.
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Wedding Ceremony Seating Trends

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When a bride and groom has a complicated family situation — such as separated, divorced or re-married parents – or has a large circle of beloved parents, grandparents, godparents, and siblings, the issue of wedding ceremony seating arises rather quickly. Who gets to sit in the front row? Where do the parents’ new significant others sit? What happens if parents are experiencing separation or divorce dramas and do not wish to sit near each other?

Sadly, many brides and grooms do face these types of diplomacy challenges as they plan their ceremony seating plans for their ballroom’s or garden wedding venue’s set-up. When our New Jersey wedding couples come to us with their ceremony seating chart dilemmas, we may suggest the following hot trend in wedding ceremony seating: have three seating sections instead of a Bride’s Side and a Groom’s Side.

Twisting the traditional wedding ceremony seating arrangement allows for the groom’s parents to sit in the front row of their section, the bride’s mother and her new husband to sit in the front row of their center section, and the bride’s father and his girlfriend to sit in the front row of their own section. Grandparents, godparents and other honored guests then take their assigned seats – designated by their pretty, printed row-assignment cards (or ‘pew cards’ if you’ll marry in a church) – pleasing them with second-row status and not a far-back seating arrangement that makes it hard for them to see or hear the wedding ceremony.


Having a garden wedding ceremony or marrying in one of our elegant dining rooms allows you this type of freedom to customize your setting to suit your family’s particular diplomacy needs, and we’re able to arrange your ceremony chairs in these three sections – or in four sections, if that’s your request.

To give all guests a better view of you and your gown, we suggest that you conduct your processional down one aisle, and then after your ceremony is complete, walk down the other aisle for the recessional. We’ve found that our New Jersey wedding couples breathe a big sigh of relief when we suggest this type of unique ceremony seating arrangement, since they no longer have to worry about which parent gets the perceived ‘higher ranking’ in ceremony seating arrangements.


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