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How To Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

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How To Decorate Your Ceremony AisleAs guests gather and the music starts, your ceremony aisle is the focus of attention as loved ones excitedly wait for the procession and bride. Picking the right aisle decorations can change the feel of an entire ceremony, making your wedding extra memorable. From deciding between the aesthetic of bows, flower petals, tiebacks, ribbons or having a runner, your wedding aisle serves as an extra touch of personalized beauty to awe your guests and help set the mood for the bride’s big day. Wedding planners at The Manor can help couples best select and coordinate your aisle décor with your wedding’s theme.
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Best-Of Our Wedding Ceremony Tips

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Best-Of Our Wedding Ceremony TipsYour wedding ceremony is the center and the heart of your wedding day, filled with the promises you make to one another, expressions for your love of and commitment to one another, tributes to your families and expressions of your faith. A beautiful wedding ceremony gathers your loved ones around you to bear witness to one of the most momentous experiences of your life, and not just celebrate with you but support your married life through their own presence on your big day, as well as all the days of your future together.

As you plan your wedding ceremony, you’ll start with choosing the best wedding ceremony location for you, whether an outdoor wedding ceremony or an indoor wedding ceremony, and begin designing the style of ceremony site you want, as well as write your wedding vows, choose wedding ceremony music, select the people who will participate in your wedding ceremony, and add your own personal touches to this unforgettable wedding day event.

We’re very pleased to invite you to read our Best-Of wedding ceremony tips from our top-viewed blog posts, to help you design your perfect wedding ceremony. Visit these posts now:
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Top Wedding Ceremony Décor Ideas

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Some of our favorite wedding ceremonies that we’ve hosted  here at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, New Jersey have been masterpieces of wedding ceremony décor that truly took our breath away. Our wedding gardens and ballroom have been home to some of the top NJ floral designers’ works of art, including the following top wedding ceremony décor ideas:

Altar Décor:

  • Trellises and chuppahs bursting with colorful flowers and greenery, including garlands, ivy and light-reflecting crystals.

  • Flower petals scattered on the altar area ground, for the bride and groom to stand on.

  • Decorative pedestals on either side of the ceremony altar, featuring large, lush floral arrangements.

  • The bride and groom’s birthmonth flowers incorporated into the altar floral décor.

  • Crystal bowls and vases filled with roses and other flowers, or colorful flower petals.

Aisle Décor:

  • Traditional white aisle runner with crystals embedded into the fabric.

  • Colorful aisle runners with the couple’s names and monogram printed at the start of the runner.

  • Floral nosegays or pomanders attached to the ends of each row of seats.

  • Each seat covered with a fabric chair cover, tied with a colorful ribbon.

  • Each seat covered with a fabric chair cover, accented on the back with a tiny floral nosegay.

  • Instead of an aisle runner, colorful flower petals are lined on either side of the aisle.

Wedding Garden Décor:

  • Flowers strung from invisible wires ‘raining’ down from the trees.
  • Large, dramatic crystals on invisible wires ‘raining’ down from the trees.

  • Trees encircled with floral wraps or garlands.

  • Lanterns suspended from the trees for evening ceremony décor accents.

  • Floating candles in water features.

  • Our garden lighting accents transforming the evening scene with colors and highlighting our manicured wedding garden landscaping.

We invite our brides and grooms to share their most wished-for wedding ceremony décor ideas with our banquet manager team, and we will help you create your beautiful wedding décor scene.

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Laura Madden, Senior Sales Manager, Pleasantdale Chateau

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