Designing Your Own Wedding Logo

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Designing wedding logo

Wedding Logo Design

Put your personalized stamp on your wedding, in so many ways, with your own wedding logo. It’s a top wedding trend to create your own logo or monogram, featuring your first initials and last initial – or just your married last initial — in an artistic insignia. Artists have taken the traditional monogram logo and given it a beautiful, decorative twist for more visual effect, such as with delicate flourishes above and below the logo, rather than the monogram being in a circle. Or, the logo might be a square, a rectangle with ornate borders, or an oval.

Logos and monograms are most often used as part of a customized invitation design, with the logo featured at the top or bottom of the card, and they also create an elegant unifying motif throughout all of the print items displayed at the wedding: programs, place cards, menu cards, wedding signs, favor cards, bar coasters and napkins, and the guest book being just a few of the items found in the wedding venue bearing the wedding logo.

The logo can also be used on your personalized wedding website, perhaps added after you’re married, as well as on thank-you notes. And more brides and grooms are ordering personalized stamps featuring their wedding logo so that they can stamp the envelopes of personal correspondence, recipe cards, holiday cards and more. They’re also using the computer file from their graphic designer to add the logo to their Facebook pages or photo-sharing websites.

In addition to personalizing the wedding venue, logos or monogram designs can be made for the bridal shower, with the bride’s first initial, or both of her initials if she’s keeping her last name, used on game cards, coasters, napkins, as the design for the cake, and in many other ways. She may even get personalized stationery as a wishing well gift, and a logo stamp to use in the future.

You’ll find custom logo creation tools on invitation websites, and on the sites of graphic designers, and even wedding calligraphers now make hand-drawn logos to be scanned into computer files for the creation of a custom stamp. And some couples ask a friend who is a talented artist or graphic designer to make their wedding logo for them as a wedding gift. On a lower budget, you can choose from a company’s basic logo designs, or pay a little bit more for a custom wedding monogram.

Today’s wedding logos may be classic black-and-white, which does allow you to use them in many ways in the future, or they can be in your wedding color for use in your wedding décor. A rubber stamp would allow you to imprint your logo in any color you choose, including metallic embossed for a bit of shine. And again, that computer file of your logo design can be used for monogramming tumblers or other items for your future parties and celebrations, bringing a bit of your wedding details into the events you’ll host together down the road.

And last but certainly not least, your wedding logo can be turned into a lighting effect in your wedding banquet hall, projected onto the dance floor or onto the wall as a dramatic personalized touch to your stylish wedding, with so many accent of you featured throughout your wedding venue.

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