Top Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tips

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are so romantic, and many of our brides and grooms say that among their top wedding ideas is having an outdoor ceremony so that they and their wedding guests can enjoy a beautifully-bloomed garden wedding venue as they take their vows.

We’ve hosted thousands of outdoor weddings here at our Northern New Jersey wedding venue, and we offer you the top tips for planning a spectacular outdoor wedding ceremony:

  • Wedding planners advise providing plenty of space between rows of chairs, so that guests can walk more comfortably between rows to take their seats.
  • Add in the decorative style of an aisle runner, making sure to choose an aisle runner that has a non-slip underside for your and your guests’ safe use. Thin-fabric, inexpensive aisle runners tend to bunch up and blow in the breeze, and your wedding is too important to allow for any careless details such as those!
  • Set up a speaker system at your outdoor wedding venue, so that guests can hear you both speaking your vows, and listen to the officiant’s readings and other ceremony elements. When you’re outdoors, sound can be carried away even on the gentlest of breezes, and a speaker will save your outdoor wedding ceremony from being virtually unheard by all.
  • Provide shade for guests on a hot day. Some outdoor wedding couples marrying in a unique wedding venue will arrange for fabric draping in the trees surrounding their ceremony sites, and others hand out colorful umbrellas for guests to shade themselves with. Always provide for your guests’ comfort, especially on a warm day.
  • Coordinate your ceremony décor flowers to match the flowers and plants that exist at your outdoor wedding site, for lovely décor and savings on your wedding budget. When you incorporate the same colors of roses, peonies, tulips or other flowers planted at your site, it only takes a few budget-friendly floral décor additions to make it look like you decorated the entire scene.
  • Maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Outdoor wedding locations may be deemed formal, but it’s become a trend for guests to seat themselves, rather than having ushers seat each guest.
  • Ask your photographer to take a series of panoramic shots of your outdoor wedding venue’s scenery, to capture the beauty of the setting.
  • An important wedding planning consideration: Choose weightier décor items, such as a heavier pedestal for your unity candle and a sturdy floral container. If your wedding day is breezy, you don’t want the wind to tip over any of your wedding ceremony décor pieces.
  • Have greeters hand your wedding programs to your guests. Don’t place them on guest seats, or they may blow around in the breeze.
  • Choose florals that hold up in warmer, sunnier, outdoor weather. Always tell your floral designer that you’re having an outdoor wedding, so that he or she can advise you on which blooms hold up best when displayed at an outdoor wedding venue.

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